Buggy-Mouse.ahk — Fix a buggy mouse.
Updated: Thu, Nov 1, 2012 --- 11/1/12, 10:19:19am EDT
Stop it from double-clicking when you try to single-click.
Note: DO NOT paste Buggy-Mouse.ahk into ANY other script
How to use Buggy-Mouse.ahk...
  1. Make sure AutoHotkey is installed (more info)
  2. Click the Download link above (or here, that works too!)
  3. Make sure "Save File" is selected & click OK (this step may differ on other browsers)
  4. Browse for somewhere to Save the file...for example: C:\Save\AutoHotkey\Buggy-Mouse\Buggy-Mouse.ahk
  5. Click Save
  6. Minimize this browser window
  7. Find the file you downloaded (for example, by using Windows Explorer)
  8. Double-click the Buggy-Mouse.ahk file that you just Downloaded
...now Buggy Mouse is running. What next? Nothing. It's running. Use your mouse like normal & enjoy no extra double-clicking!

Wait! It's not running, I got an error msg!
    If you got an error msg when you double-clicked Buggy-Mouse.ahk, then you need to make sure you installed AutoHotkey. Unfortunately, I don't have a Feedback form yet, so I can't ask you to tell me the error msg. So, in this case your only option is to download the already-compiled version, Buggy-Mouse.exe
OK, so there's been a whole lotta trouble with people not being able to get to this script. YouTube being a dumbass & all.

I wanna clear up a few things...